For Tenants

How can I make the best impression when looking for a rental property?

1.  When you first call on a property, be prepared.  Have a pencil and paper ready; you know they're going to be giving you addresses and information, so don't make them wait while you scramble around looking for a pen.


2.  Make sure you've reviewed the information in the ad before you call; if you're asking questions that are already answered in the ad, landlords are going to feel like you're wasting their time.

3.  If you are on HUD, have pets, are a smoker, etc., tell the landlord ahead of time.  If a landlord doesn't allow pets, for example, it's a waste of their time and yours to wait until after you've been shown the home to announce that you have a pet.


4.  When you are going to look at a unit, show up on time.  Do your best to have everyone who will be living with you present at the showing.  Most landlords have busy schedules, and it can be frustrating to have to show the same unit to the same person repeatedly.


5.  Be courteous.  If you traipse through the house with muddy shoes, let kids run wild throughout the house, etc., you're indicating to the landlord that you won't take care of the unit if you're living there.

North Iowa Landlords Association